A Man’s Best Friend; Their Own Iphone Spy App

19/09/2012 18:56

A dog is said to be a man’s best friend but does anyone know who the best friend of a teenaged child is. With the changing trends in technology lately, it won’t be wrong to say that an iPhone is a teenager’s best friend nowadays. With children literally addicted to their iPhone, parents need something to get this addiction to reduce and bring it back to a normal cell phone usage. In similar situations, an iPhone spy app can turn out to be of great help to parents.

Potent App:

An iPhone spy app by the name of StealthGenie is a pretty potent app that covers really less space in your child’s iPhone. Due to its discreet nature, it runs quietly in the background of your child’s phone without disrupting any features of their cell phone. iPhone models 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S are all compatible with this spy app.

Start Your Journey:

To start your journey with this iPhone spy app, users need to follow three basic steps:

Step 1:

Register online for an account with StealthGenie.

Step 2:

Download StealthGenie in your child’s iPhone.

Step 3:

Use your User ID and password from StealthGenie and log-in to your account to view the entire cell phone data of your child.

SMS Messages:

SMS messages are the favorite way of communication for most teenagers nowadays. With the help of StealthGenie, parents get to view all the messages sent and received by their child on their iPhone. They even get to view all the messages saved in Drafts.

G-Talk And Phone Data:

Parents gain access to all the G-talk conversations of their children. They are even provided access to each and every video, audio or picture present in the cell phone of their child.

Internet Access:

StealthGenie provides parents access to the entire web browsing history of their child as well as all their e-mail messages.

Controlled Usage:

To control the excessive usage of the iPhone by your child, parents need the help of an  iPhone spy ap p. StealthGenie provides its users with all its services for a reasonable price of $8.33 a month.