Android Spy Software tells when you should get into a serious relationship

22/09/2011 18:35

If you ogle at flawless opposite sex more often than looking for a person with inner beauty then you seriously need to higher level of brain functioning.  While making a decision of your life you need to consider their character attributes rather than obsession over their smile, their physic, the brands they use and the gait they carries.

If you are frequently dating people who are 10 on 10 on looks but little imperfect in character, in intimacy, compatibility then you seriously need to install Android Spy Software in the smartphones of your partners. You need to know them in detail so that you simply don’t get flat over appearance and able to see beyond looks and get to know the real them and then decide whether you really want to date and marry that person.  Physical flaws can be amended but non-physical flaws are hard to recover and digest.

Android Spy, StealthGenie in this regard serves the best. It’s monitoring over all the telephonic conversations are advanced in bringing the fair truths and realities in front of the user.  For example you are deciding over someone, you secretly get it installed on their smartphone. In a second you received an alert that they are rude and shallow with their family, employees and neighbors. Excuse me; this is not what they portrayed me with. Or while listening to their call you find out that they have been in contact with their ex. In fact they are befooling both of you.

StealthGenie’s Member Area has all the records of data uploaded, whether they are call (dialed/received), SMS messages (sent/retrieved), Emails or files attached to them or GTalk chats all are in you access with this monitoring software. They told you that they have a meeting in office that’s why today’s date is not possible, but with Geo Live Location Tracking you found out that they are going in the opposite direction of their spouse and worst to that that way leads to their ex. With StealthGenie you can check on their every move and gets backups that are safe and remains there until you command for their removal.

This Android Spy Software serves as a remote control to your partner’s smartphone and controls each function of it. You can watch the uploaded videos, audio tracks, recorded sounds, photos etc. You can even view the appointment settings and the Calendar alarms they have set for future meetings, hang outs etc. This smart spy software is developed to smartly resolve your problems, all you need to do it to subscribe it and install it on you suspect’s smartphone. The installation process takes hardly one minute and completely undetectable to the naked eye. All the functions it performs works behind the Smartphone’s backdrop without any visible movement and shows you the real side of your beloved. This is how you will know whether that person is feasible for you to spend a lifetime or even a certain time with or you better look for the love of your life waiting some place somewhere for you.