BlackBerry Spy Software - Your Ultimate Business Aide

17/01/2013 16:56

Your business requires you to be on your feet all the time. You frequently have to travel and so employee monitoring has been occupying your thoughts lately. If this is the scenario, simply install some BlackBerry spy software. You will get constantly updated on your employees all the time!

Employee Monitoring:

Employee monitoring has its own benefits. If you are thoroughly updated on your employees’ progress, you would certainly feel a difference. Informed about what your employees do as they leave office for some meeting, or visiting some site, it will be easier for you to know if there is mal-practice going on. And guess what, your staff will ever know about that!

Is BlackBerry Spying Any Helpful?

Indeed it is, with BlackBerry spying software you can monitor all your employees conveniently from one dashboard. You no longer have to waste time checking CCTV footage or any other surveillance equipment. You can remotely check all your employees from any web enabled device in your office, at home or even on the go!

Which App Will Do?

Largely, it depends on you and there are several good options out in the market, too. While I have tested a few of the top ones, I came to know that StealthGenie was the BlackBerry spy software that really interested me. Not only it has a lot of features, two packages to choose from and total undetectibility, it also has better after-sale services as well. StealthGenie is also compatible with all BlackBerry OS versions so you can spy any BlackBerry phone.

StealthGenie Features:

StealthGenie has introduced more features than any other BlackBerry spy software. At first I was too skeptical and thought that not even half of the features would actually work. Had I not tested this software myself, I would never have trusted it. But StealthGenie is indeed quite stable and I had a very comfortable time using it. StealthGenie lets you remotely:

  • Spy on calls
  • Listen to call recordings
  • View call history and contacts
  • Check web history
  • Check multimedia files
  • Track appointments
  • Monitor WhatsApp
  • Check GPS location and location history
  • Trigger and SIM change alerts
  • Remote phone locking and data deletion
  • Data backup

I have my trust on StealthGenie and so have the other 100,000 plus clients across the world. I do suggest it to most businessmen who don’t want to go through the hassle of monitoring employees using complicated methods. StealthGenie BlackBerry spy software can very well be your business aide- you bet!