Get Top Quality SMS Tracking Facility With StealthGenie

06/04/2012 12:35

Are you worried about your child’s late night texting and you have no idea who it could be? Are you suspicious of your employees leaking your firm’s confidential information? Do you feel the need to be aware of what they are texting? This can get very problematic, as children even neglect their studies sticking to their cell phones all the time, and such employees are for business what termite is for wood. StealthGenie Smartphone monitoring application is a software that can solve all your problems.

SMS monitoring with StealthGenie:

StealthGenie is one of the top rated mobile phone tracking application. This application gives you the power to access and read all the messages that are present in the Inbox and Sent items of your target’s cell phone. You can even access the time and date, at which a certain message was sent or received by your target. You may even set Trigger words, (sex, drugs, porn etc.), that you don’t want your target to use. With the help of this feature, you will get a notification whenever your target uses a trigger word.

StealthGenie goes one step ahead and brings many other exciting features for its customers.

GPS Cell phone tracker:

This feature updates you with the current GPS position of your target’s cell phone at regular intervals. This helps you stay in touch with the places that your target is visiting.

Web browsing history:

The target phone’s browsing history can be viewed by you any time you want. This application provides you a record of all the sites visited by your target through their cell phones.

Remote controls:

This application can be accessed remotely. This means that you would not have to access the target phone to check its activities. All the activities carried out on that phone will be provided to you by this application and uploaded on your personal user account. You can send any command to this application remotely as well.

View e-mails:

You can even view the emails present in the Inbox and sent items of the email application of your target.

G-talk and BlackBerry messenger chat access:

This application records all the chats carried out by your target on their G-talk or BB messenger and uploads it to the user interface for you to view.

View calls history:

You can monitor the dialled and received call folders of your target’s cell phone. This application also provides you the time and date of the calls. You may even access the call duration of every call.

You would be ecstatic to know that this application provides all these facilities in the lowest prices compared to other brands. The prices of StealthGenie cell phone monitoring application start from $ 8.33 per month. Another merit of this application is that it is very easy to install and control. Its installation process takes no more than a few minutes to install on an efficient network connection.

So it does not matter, whether you are a worried parent or a troubled employer, StealthGenie has got your back! Subscribe today and let this innovative mobile phone tracking application solve your problems.