Hats off to this iPhone SMS spy, StealthGenie

31/07/2012 14:55

Rat-a-tat-tat. Any one of you recognizes this sound? No Sir, it’s not a horse running on a track, but it’s in fact your child burning his fingers while speed texting their friends through their new iPhone. What happened? Did I recall a bitter memory here? Well, don’t worry. If you have tried and failed so far to find out what your child does with their iPhone all day, now is the time to get an iPhone SMS spy for the cell phone of your child.

What does StealthGenie do?

StealthGenie is a really useful and user friendly application software that covertly runs in the background of your child’s iPhone without disrupting any of its functions. All you need to do is register for an online StealthGenie account at www.stealthgenie.com. Once you’ve received a username and password from StealthGenie, you download this iPhone SMS spy in your child’s cell phone. Now you can access all the data from your child’s cell phone anytime, anywhere in the world.

Compatible phones:

StealthGenie is compatible with iPhone iOS versions 4.0, 5.0 or 5.1. This means that it will work best with the latest iPhone models including the iPhone 4S as well.


With the help of this spy software you can:

  • Access all the calls dialed and received by your child on their iPhone. This includes the time and duration of each call as well.
  • Access all the SMS messages sent and received by your child on their cell phone.
  • View all the pictures, audio and video files on your child’s iPhone.
  • View all the emails of your child.
  • View all the contact numbers in your child’s Phonebook.
  • Trace the exact location of your child at any given time.
  • Record the surroundings of your child’s cell phone whenever you want to.

No excessive usage:

With the help of this iPhone SMS spy, parents can keep track of the SMS messages usage by their children. Any excessive usage can alarm the parents and they can take the desired steps to counter this problem. Hats off to StealthGenie.