iOS and iPhone Spying at its Best

23/05/2012 15:46

Due to the widespread use of iPhones, the demand to develop an effective iPhone spy app has skyrocketed. Millions of concerned parents spend a lot of money annually on iPhone spying, which to their dismay turns out to be utterly ineffective. Empathizing with them, we decided to check out multiple iPhone spy apps to find a functional iPhone spy app. The app which we chose for our review is StealthGenie.

StealthGenie and iOS

StealthGenie is one of the numerous iPhone spy apps out there, but unlike others, it actually functioned exactly how it advertised. This app functions on iOS 4.0 – 5.0, including the following models:

  • · iPhone 3G
  • · iPhone 3GS
  • · iPhone 4
  • · iPhone 4S

Ease of Use

StealthGenie is a very user friendly application. It’s very simple to install, simply buy the app and download it onto the target phone and the user can log in on StealthGenie’s website from anywhere with an internet connection and access information collected by this app.


StealthGenie offered us the following functions:

  • · The ability to view the call logs of the target phone.
  • · It offered access to the content of the SMS messages sent and received by the phone.
  • · It allowed us to view the contact list of the phone.
  • · It gave access to the web browser history of the target phone.
  • · It observed the emails sent and received by the phone.
  • · It allowed us to view the data stored in the phone including pictures and videos.
  • · By sending a SMS command we were able to record the live surroundings of the phone.
  • · Finally it uses a GPS tracker, allowing us to locate the target phone anytime we wish.


While there are many iPhone spy apps out there, what makes StealthGenie particularly unique is its affordability, starting with prices as low as eight dollars a month; StealthGenie is one iPhone spy app which you cannot afford to miss out on. iPhone spying has never been this easy; the ease through which one can operate StealthGenie makes it possible for people to use it without having to learn deep technical knowledge of computers.