Learn The Art of Android Spying using Cell Spy Apps

13/07/2012 19:51

What was once just an idea upon the drawing board seven years ago is now a reality. Android has not only managed to carve itself out a significant share of the smartphone market it has also managed to become the world’s most widely used smart phone operating system. But with this development, the race to produce an app for android spying has started, with StealthGenie leading it.


StealthGenie’s flexible pricing policy is made in line with the budgets and the needs of both domestic and business users; StealthGenie offers a number of packages, with increasing discounts on long term packages. With a basic package priced at 8 dollars a month, StealthGenie is an extremely cost effective product.


StealthGenie is compatible with a number of smartphone models that are using Android OS 2.1 till 4.0. This includes smartphones by the following companies:

  • Sony smartphones
  • Samsung smartphones
  • LG smartphones
  • Google smartphones
  • HTC smartphones
  • Motorola smartphones


StealthGenie revolutionizes android spying by offering you a number of features, such as:

  • StealthGenie allows you to record calls made to and dialed by the smartphone. Along with this it allows you to view the call logs and the contact list of the target phone.
  • StealthGenie allows you to read the content of incoming and outgoing SMS messages of the target phone.
  • Being ideal for android spying StealthGenie lets you view chat conversations carried out through Google Talk.
  • By allowing you access to the web browser history of the phone, StealthGenie allows you to observe the phone’s internet usage.
  • StealthGenie allows you to locate the target phone through its Geo Location feature.
  • Finally StealthGenie allows you to record the live surroundings of the target phone by through an SMS command.


While StealthGenie is not the only Android spy app out there, it is definitely one of the better ones. Its friendly customer support and flexible pricing policy always puts the customer first. The numerous features that StealthGenie offers makes android spying extremely effective, making this product a must have for anyone who wishes to indulge in android spying.