Spy iMessage and Outfox Your Kids!

18/12/2012 19:22

You got your kids post-paid cellular connection in a bid to monitor their telephony and text messaging? But then why you find your kids texting all the time yet you can’t find to whom your kids send text messages. Before I delve on details, the punch line is that you need to install iMessage spy to completely monitor your kids.

Never Heard of iMessage Before?

IMessage is a relatively new feature introduced by apple in iPhones with iOS 5 and above. The major attraction of this feature is that Apple-Apple messages are free through this app. If there is an internet connection, the text messages and media files will be sent free of cost. This way kids can share unlimited messages and media- pictures, videos and audio clips.

How Can Parents Spy iMessage?

There’s no rocket science involved in this and anyone can spy iMessage texts and pictures or videos through reliable mobile monitoring software that also supports iMessage feature. Many parents make mistake as this stage and then suffer. It is going to cost you money so make sensible investments that will yield you benefits and an effective parental control on your kids. Since iMessage is a relatively new feature, not much software would support iMessage. Before buying any such software double-check that it will also let you spy iMessage texts and media.

Who Does it Best?

When it comes to spy iMessage content, it’s not something any app would do. As an expert on the subject I would suggest you one cell phone spy app- StealthGenie.

StealthGenie is a stealth mobile monitoring app that is affordable but does not compromise on quality or performance. You get to get the best features and a strict parental control at an economical price starting from $13 for a month. The signature features of StealthGenie include:

  • Spy SMS, emails and calls
  • Record phone surroundings and web history
  • Check contacts and audio/video files
  • Trigger alerts and SIM change notifications
  • Geo-tracking and remote data backup and deletion

Apart from these apps, I came to know that recently, StealthGenie has also rolled out new feature. Now you can spy iMessage texts and any media content sent or received through iMessage. So yes, the spying experience gets so much better.

With StealthGenie, you can remotely read all messages sent and received on the target iPhone. In addition you can also log all multimedia files that are also saved in the phone gallery.

So make up your mind before your kids outwit you and get themselves in trouble. StealthGenie iMessage spy is surely a wise decision!