StealthGenie: An Efficient Tool to Monitor Your Employee’s Activities

29/02/2012 17:53

A person needs to work with full dedication and honesty when they are a part of any organization. There should always be a bond of trust while being a part of an organization. It would really make the working environment pleasant.

Sometimes, due to misunderstandings between the employee and the employer, the environment gets uncivilized and no one feels comfortable while working there. People do think that the information about their workplace is being leaked out. In order to get rid of this situation we can get an easy way of tracking our employees through blackberry spy software StealthGenie. StealthGenie can be taken as the best monitoring application due to its extensive features. It keeps you updated on all that needs to be found out about your employee.

How StealthGenie Works:

StealthGenie is really the best option to monitor your employee. It helps you to keep a check on:

a) Call logs

b) SMS logs

c) Geo Tracking

d) Power features

These are discussed as below:

Call Monitoring:

An easy way to get access to all the calls made or received. It enables an employer to record all the calls that took place. Moreover we can keep track of call duration, time and date.

SMS Tracking:

SMS logs enable us to keep a track of all the messages sent and received. It also gives access to all the saved and draft messages. Moreover, we can also use StealthGenie to send an SMS from our employee’s number to any target number we found suspicious.

Geo- Location Tracking:

While thinking of an employer’s point of view it is a great feature as it is often seen that the employ comes to work late and fabricates excuses like a traffic jam or no electricity at home etc. If the employee feels this habit repeating then it becomes suspicious. So the truth could be known through StealthGenie’s Geo-location tracking as it records the place where your target goes and the time they spent there. There is no need to worry if your employee is late. You can find out the truth easily through the installation of StealthGenie.

Power features:

Power features help in getting access to all the photos, videos, songs, emails, appointments and voice messages saved in your employee’s phone. So through StealthGenie it would be easy to check the appointments set by your employee.

It’s a cell phone tracker that gives you a chance to check every activity that the people under you or above you are performing. So while being in a fix about finding out the truth, just install StealthGenie and have a wonderful working environment.