StealthGenie counters the worries of every spouse!

19/01/2012 18:49


The sacred bond of marriage often tends to get deteriorated with pointless doubts that lead to several misunderstandings. More than often, couples suspect each other for suspicious activities, which can lead to dire consequences. In the modern times, technology has facilitated the suspicious activities of individuals who are into cheating their partners. Majority of the spouses utilize their cell phones to carry out such suspicious activities as they assume that it’s impossible for their significant others to find out about the interaction that occurs on the mobile phone. However, the advent of sophisticated cell phone monitoring apps have proved this assumption completely wrong with a number of advanced features that help you catch the cheating spouse instantly! The software development companies across the world have identified the need for careful, authentic and reliable monitoring that can help people overcome their doubts and fears without putting in much effort!


Close monitoring with StealthGenie

When talking about cell phone tracking, the name of StealthGenie cannot be ignored as it is one unique application that has dominated the world of monitoring with its hi-tech and advanced features! Unlike the regular surveillance applications, StealthGenie offers its users an infinite number of features that work perfectly well with smartphones. A few distinct features of StealthGenie comprise of:

  • Recording SMS
  • Call Recording
  • Access to contact list
  • Live Call Interception

Via these features, you can simply access each and every form of communication that takes place on your spouse’s cell phone. You can listen to their recorded calls, and not just that, you can also listen to their live phone calls without any fear of getting caught! Also, the contact list of your better half is exposed to you, which can help you discover if they have any strange connections.


StealthGenie at its best!

The more eccentric features of StealthGenie empower the user to perform the following:

  • Access the real time location of your spouse via Geo-Tracking
  • Find out if your spouse has entered the area/premises that you don’t want them to via the Geo-Fencing feature
  • You can send SMS to anyone on their contact list through a remote command-this is done through the Redirect SMS feature
  • You can also track down their internet browsing history to confirm your suspicions
  • Each and every video, music file and downloaded file on your spouse’s phone can be accessed through StealthGenie

Now you don’t have to stalk your spouse or hire a detective agency to spy on them! You can simply install this excellent product of technology on your spouse’s cell phone and live a carefree life. So, don’t delay if you are a doubtful spouse and grab your StealthGenie right away!