Stealthgenie Vs. Flexispy – What to Choose

20/02/2012 18:30

Today, spy applications have captured almost all the smartphone users’ attention, thanks to their multiple functions. The mobile phone spy app is the innovative addition to the list of software in the industry. A mobile phone spy app lets you monitor your target anytime from across the world.

Most used spy apps – FlexiSpy and StealthGenie
There are scores of cell-phone spy applications in the market, but FlexiSpy and StealthGenie are the most reliable ones among the lot. FlexiSpy supports different OS, fundamentally BlackBerry and Android operating systems and so does StealthGenie. FlexiSpy offers three packages including Light, Pro and Pro-X. All the three packages have different features and rates. StealthGenie, with its advanced features, offers better spying capabilities any other spy software, even Flexi Spy.



FlexiSpy’s incredible features:

  • Call Interception: When a call is received from or made to your interested number, an SMS alert will be delivered to you and you can instantly intercept the call.
  • Spycall: This feature lets you listen to the surrounding of your monitored device. Unfortunately, it does not enable listening to an active call since call taping is not available on this software.
  • SMS Logging: You can receive all the sent or received SMS messages on your account
  • Remote Control: Secret SMS messages can control your targeted device and you don’t need to physically touch the mobile
  • GPS Location Tracking: If your device supports GPS, FlexiSpy will show your target on a map. If your device does not have GPS function, the software will use Cell ID to inform you about your target’s location.
  • GPRS Required: FlexiSpy Light and Pro need GPRS to operate.

StealthGenie – what marvelous options it offers:

  • StealthGenie is a multipurpose spy application and it can be used on several devices at a time.
  • Geo Location Tracking: Through this option, one can find out the exact location of their targets’ location.
  • Geo Fencing: You can make a boundary for your monitored person on the map. The feature will alert you if the target enters or comes out of the marked territory.
  • Call Record: Automatic system records all the incoming and outgoing calls of your monitored device
  • Call Log: StealthGenie shows you the entire call history, including calls made, received or even missed calls with time and date stamps.
  • Live Call Interception: This feature enables you to intercept any live call at any time while the call is in progress.
  • SMS Logging: You can view all the SMS messages, including messages having trigger words. SMS messages can also be redirected through your own number.
  • Access to other data: Emails, voice mails and voice memos can be read and saved. You can also view appointment book, schedule, calendar, photos, videos and listen to or download music from your target device.
  • Web History and Bookmarks: Internet browsing history can be viewed with time and date stamps. Bookmarks saved on the target phone can also be accessed.
  • Google Talk and BlackBerry Messengers: Google Talk and BlackBerry messages can also be accessed using StealthGenie.
  • SIM Change Notification: This option allows you to get an alert notification if the SIM card of your targeted device is changed.

Both these mobile spy applications have advanced features; however, StealthGenie offers exceptional options like Instant Alerts, Backup and wipe data and can remotely control the targeted device. With these innovative features, StealthGenie takes precedence over FlexiSpy and others in the industry. You can purchase it easily following an easy procedure available on its website.