Stop teen gambling with the help of Android Mobile spy software

03/10/2011 18:45

Gambling in teens is increasing day by day at a very high percentage. Whether it is the peer pressure or a lust to earn easy money, gambling is bad for teens. The reason why it is specifically bad for kids is because they are at such tender age where they also cannot bifurcate between what is right and what is wrong and that is how they get manipulated by people who have experience and exposure.

Gambling at teen years starts off with betting on sports, online gaming and eventually playing poker with friends. Gambling has always been showcased very attractively by the celebrities in the movies a and TV stars. Gambling is a very easy way to trick the parents and earn quick money that involves the probability of making the money or losing it all.

Gambling does not just affect one person involved in it but harm the life of the other people who are around them. Parents must focus on every sign that may hint at their off springs indulged into something unethical and dangerous. There are various signs that points at the kid indulged into gambling mania.

They start asking for money frequently to you, and if you ask them for the purpose of it or refuse to give, may be because you just gave them their weekly allowance yesterday, they get agitated and furious. This need of money often leads towards cash or credit card embezzlement from parents. They lose interest in the studies due to their over absorption, and desperately trying to win the game attitude earn them bad grades in the schoolwork. You start getting reports that your kid bunked the school or if he was seen somewhere outside hanging out during the school hours. They start suffering from alienation and social isolation, they meet and talk nobody but their poker buddies. They start having uneven sleep due to the anxiety, stress and thoughts to win the game and over power their mind.

After you have seen any one or more of these signs, this is an alarming situation for you. You must dig down deep into the situation.Android mobile spy software, StealthGenie, is a very powerful way to find out the ugly truth hidden behind the camouflage. Your kid is tricking you... right? Asking you for money unnecessarily, bringing disgrace to you when you are being called by principal of the school due to the irregularity of attendance or bad grades or may it is the fight with some kid. StealthGenie is compatible with all those cell phone that has Android technology in it. It lets you soak down into the cell phone and you can have an access to almost everything in it. All the SMS, MMS, emails and calls. This isn’t it, all the browsing history of the cell phone will also be uploaded on you member’s area along with all other data. You can keep an eye on which website he visits and you can have a watchful eye on his online gambling activities by visiting the website yourself.

With the help of the GEO live location tracking, you can find out the location of your kid in real time. GEO fencing helps you draw a map to make a boundary or point out notorious places for example bar where he goes to play gambling or place of poker buddies. Whenever that boundary is breached, you’ll get a notification. It’s that time when you can track down their real location, catch them red handed with poker chips and drinking alcohol.

Once you have done all the investigation part through the Android spy software. It’s time for you to do some real work. You can take your child to councilor or therapist. Kids are innocent and such therapies are quickly effective on the young minds and leave a positive long lasting effect. Make sure that you keep all the credit cards and money away from them so they are not even tempted to do anything like that. And in the end, your kids will never admit that he has any such habit but when you’ll show him the prove of it, he will not be able to argue with you.