The Mobile Spying Software You Can Show-Off!

05/12/2012 18:35

In the brands race, we all want something to show off. We just want to tell our colleagues, peers and relatives that we have something really classy. Did you know that however, the mobile spying software is something discreet but still there’s one that you can proudly show-off to your peers?

Cutting the suspense, StealthGenie is the mobile spying software that you can be so confident about ever refer to your colleague who pretends to be the know-it-all. If s/he says argues that s/he already has one, you bet s/he wouldn’t have heard about half of the features that StealthGenie is offering.



Okay that was the praise, let’s come down to rational part: StealthGenie gives you all the reasons to install it on your kids or employees’ smartphones because with StealthGenie, you can:

  • Ascertain your child’s safety outside home
  • Check his/her internet usage
  • Make sure your sales team visits all assigned sites
  • Keep a check on your employees’ whereabouts and the exact time they leave and reach office
  • Assure your employees are not leaking confidential information

How to Do That?

With StealthGenie, there are three simple steps and you’re good to monitor kids and employees:

  1. Select your product and subscription on the website
  2. Make payment
  3. Install StealthGenie on target phone as per instructions received via e-mail

That’s about it: after installing StealthGenie on the target phone, you can remotely listen to their call, record phone surroundings, read SMS and e-mails, view contacts, pictures, videos and calendar entries, check web logs and trace whereabouts through GPS.

Adding Exclusivity:

Why StealthGenie is one above all the rest of the mobile spying software is that it goes beyond the ordinary features and offers something unique. The exclusive features include:

  • SIM change alerts
  • Trigger alerts on specific words in SMS and predefined e-mails and calls
  • Alerts on all SMS, calls and e-mails
  • Remote control apps on target phone
  • Remotely lock, delete or backup data
  • View target location history

In my opinion, StealthGenie must really improve its services on iPhones and must offer updates for iOS 6 and android OS 4.1 because if it fails to that, it surely is going to lose a big market chuck.

Other that, StealthGenie looks pretty okay to me and I guess a lot clients purchase StealthGenie from word of mouth. That’s how it works- experience talks! I think StealthGenie is the mobile spying software that I can surely show-off about and I’m positive so would you!