Truth Will Be Out With StealthGenie Android Spy Application

28/12/2012 18:59

Android rules the market. I’m not saying that, go check the graphs. You’d find a majority of users using Android phones. Probably that’s because a wide array of popular cell phone brans use Android operating system within their smartphones. No just adults, even kids have Android phones. For parents to keep a watch on their kids, they can hand it to StealthGenie Android spy app to keep them under their surveillance 24/7.

What is StealthGenie?
StealthGenie is a powerful monitoring app for Android phones that work like any other mobile application, but with a difference – it works silently and hidden. This means the application cannot be detected within the phone and it keeps uploading the information logs online onto a secure and protected interface. It doesn’t disrupt the phone’s functionality and continues doing its work like a spy does, unbothered and disengaged.

What cell phone brands does it support?
StealthGenie supports Sony Ericsson HTC, LG, Motorola, Google, Acer, Huawei, Samsung, and any other company using Android OS. That means no matter what hand set you have, if it is running on Android OS, it is going to work smoothly. No glitches at all.

StealthGenie supports almost all versions of OS starting from 2.1 till 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

What features does it support?
StealthGenie supports:

  • Monitoring all phone calls
  • Monitoring all text messages
  • Monitoring all chat messages, including Gtalk conversations
  • Monitoring all emails
  • Monitoring phone contents, whether it’s phone contacts, calendar appointments, photos, music or video files
  • Receiving instant alerts for phone activities via email and SMS
  • Receiving Trigger alerts for SMS, emails and calls
  • Monitoring Internet browsing history and saved bookmarks
  • Listening to live calls
  • Tracking target phone user using GPS in real-time.
  • Monitoring their visited locations history
  • Listening to recorded surroundings
  • Remotely lock phone in case of theft
  • Back up and wipe data in case of theft

These features make it stand out among the rest…but this is just not it! StealthGenie offers a live customer support service with chats as well where you can reach their technical help staff anytime and ask their queries related to your use or experience.

With three cost-saving package plans, starting from as low as $8 a month till $13 a month on the maximum side, you get a whole a lot more and nothing is more satisfying than the safety of your kids. So, buckle up and start monitoring with the Genie today.